My name is Malcolm Emmanuel Lim. I was born in the year 2005. Mummy gave me a didi in 2007 and his name is Matthan Emmanuel Lim. I love my didi very much. We attend the same school together. It's so much fun. Now that he has grown up quite a bit, we play catching, hide & seek, make building blocks, play tutu train and build sand castle together. Oh.. and we like to fight with and disturb each other. Guess who wins most of the time?

Friday, September 28, 2007

So many different expressions

And here I am........ sweet cutie malcolm....hee

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Bangkok Trip

Mummy, Daddy, Xueru yiyi , Zhi Siong gor gor & MALCOLM went to Bangkok on 6 to 9 Sept.
This is my second time taking a plane. I love to sit in the plane, coz can see many many clouds in the sky.

We touched down at the new airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport. The name Suvarnabhumi was chosen by HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej which means "The Golden Land", specifically referring to the continental Indochina. "Golden Peninsula"or "Golden Land" is a traditional name for the Thailand-Cambodia-Laos-Burma region. How is it pronounced"su-wan-na-poom"

Shopping at Indra Square. See ... mummy dolled me up like a girl again.

Am I cute in this Japaness Outfit? Very fun, I just need to put my head in the hole. Mummy got me another Elmo backpack. Guess how much it costs? Only 25o baht.

This is Zhi Siong gor gor & Xueru yiyi. We had a very nice dinner at COCA. I don't really like to sit there and wait for the food to be cooked. Still prefer to walk around and grab any food from the stalls directly.

Ever seen a PINK taxi? this is one of the taxi we took. The taxis in Bangkok are very colourful, they have: Orange colour, Green colour, Blue colour and Yellow colour.
This is the place we stayed - Lumpini Condo @ Sukhumvit 77. Thanks to aunty Cecilia who let us stay in her condo, really nice of her to let us have the whole house.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

At VivoCity

Matthan standing on his own with support of the trolley. He is now 8.5 mths old, still weighs 10kg. His top front teeth came out on 12 August. Mummy says that mine only came out when I was 1yr plus.

Mummy seldom allows me to post her picture in our blog coz she has yet to regain back her pre-peggie figure. But somehow this photo makes her look I got her permission to post it here. My mummy always says that she is very fat, but daddy will always tell her she looks okie, just that here abit fat, and there abit fat also, and face very round, and......

Aiyoh ... Didi, can you look at the camera there?? and smile like me....?? this... come cheek to cheek with gor gor and say CHEEEEEEEESE!

Funny Matthan

What pose is this? You look so funny!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Can you see the 2 teeth?

Matthan got his 2 teeth popped out fm his gum on 1 Aug. Now it is getting longer, can see the 2 cutie teeth more clearly.... Can you see it?
Recently didi keep making alot of noise. Mummy said that he is trying to talk like me, but now he only knows how to say: armmmmm armmmmm & papapaa papapaa ....

Matthan eats everything

Matthan is 8th month old today. He eats anything that we gave him. His favorites are still the froggy rattle & the cloth books.

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