My name is Malcolm Emmanuel Lim. I was born in the year 2005. Mummy gave me a didi in 2007 and his name is Matthan Emmanuel Lim. I love my didi very much. We attend the same school together. It's so much fun. Now that he has grown up quite a bit, we play catching, hide & seek, make building blocks, play tutu train and build sand castle together. Oh.. and we like to fight with and disturb each other. Guess who wins most of the time?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh No... HFMD again....:(

I have HFMD again. There isn't any rashes on my hand & foot this time round, but alots of red spots in my mouth.

Mummy is very worried, I can see that she is very upset over it.

I will be on MC for 1 week. No school, no shopping, no more playgroud as well.
These are not important to me, I just hope that I won't be spreading this hateful viral to didi.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My b'day celebration at Sentosa

Daddy and mummy took leave to celebrate my birthday with me. We stayed for 3D2N at the Siloso Beach Resort at Sentosa. I was a bit sick at first, but luckily I got better so I could enjoy myself.

I just wish it wasn't so HOT!!! The sun was so bright and hot! But we still went for our first try on the Skyride and Luge. I really enjoyed it very much. Then later, when the sun was not so hot, I went to the beautiful beach to play with the sand and build sandcastles. The sand is so fine and soft... but I don't like the sand between my toes when I am walking on it in my slippers... so irritating. So I decided to go for a swim in the beautiful swimming pool instead. The pool even has a waterfall! After swimming, we ate japanese food.. yummy.. and went to watch 'Songs of the Sea'. (Wait until I post the video of the show. You'll love it also.) So fun! Got singing, and dancing, and all the lights/laser and water and fire and cute characters like Oscar.

The 2nd day, my didi, Ah Dawn yi yi, Uncle Louis and Ah Ma came to celebrate with me also! Oh.. I forget... I got to sit the tram along the beach also... so nice.

Thank you mummy and daddy for taking the time to celebrate my birthday with me in such a special way! I will always remember this day!

Some Photos:

Wah! What a beautiful place to spend my birthday. The sky is so beautiful at Sentosa. There's soft sand, cool breeze... mmmm ... nice

Didi came to celebrate with me also. Doesn't he look like "Awang"? hahaha! Didi very brave. He is not scared of the water. Can you see him enjoying his swim? I was a bit scared, but I also enjoy swimming a lot.

Ahh!?? How come the papaya and banana so big?

Whee!! Skyride and Luge here I come!! It's so fun! Dun let my mummy's smiley face fool you. Before this photo was taken, she was crying on the skyride. I had to hold her arm and kept telling her, "mummy.. bu yao pa!" I was not scared at all... whee... we were moving above the trees.

Daddy told me about the luge. He said it was the same as the one in Hi-5. And you know what? I like it! Zoom zoom... so fast one... I was not scared at all. Can't wait to try again. Mummy! Daddy! Can bring me go again??

Here are more photos that I would like to share with you: