My name is Malcolm Emmanuel Lim. I was born in the year 2005. Mummy gave me a didi in 2007 and his name is Matthan Emmanuel Lim. I love my didi very much. We attend the same school together. It's so much fun. Now that he has grown up quite a bit, we play catching, hide & seek, make building blocks, play tutu train and build sand castle together. Oh.. and we like to fight with and disturb each other. Guess who wins most of the time?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Colouring is fun :)

Mummy, mummy.... you shouldn't have spent so many hours searching and downloading the colouring pages. It breaks my heart to see you suffering from your neck pain and stiffness.
Enough of searching, okie? 865 pages of lovely characters to add colour with, guess it is going to take us a long time to complete.
Anyway, thank you so much for your effort. I'm going to start colouring my Mickey mouse, Donald, Groofy, Beauty and the beast, Chicken Little, Toy Story, Snow White, Pooh Bear, Dora, 3 little pigs, superman, Doraemon, smurfs, Elmo, Little Mermaid, Power Rangers, and alot more.....

And this is the challenge for mummy

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little prince's mummy said...

Wow! So many cute characters to colour!~